Shilajit in Lahore Pakistan

Shilajit or Salajeet is a well known blackish brow multi-Mineral/multi-Vitamin substance which occures naturally in mountain ranges 10000-16000 feet above sea level. It is known as the "Eliminator of weaknesses". Highest quality of Shilajit contains 84 minerals, 50-70% fulvic acid along with humic acid and Vitamin B, C and E. Oligoelements such as arsenic, boron, chromium, cobalt, copper and flouride are the most important components shilajit. All the 17 oligoelements are found in naturally occurring substance and this is more than a miracle.

Origin of Shilajit

Shilajit is found 10000 to 16000 feet above sea level. The main areas are high altitudes of Pakistan, Russia India and Afghanistan. Among all these Pakistani shilajit found in the himalayan ranges of 16000 ft above sea level is considered to be the best one with 84 minerals. Number of minerals and their competitions vary from origin to origin and so are the health benefits. Indian Dry shilait has the lowest mineral in it.

Old View about Shilajit

Years ago when science was not as popular as it is nowadays people used to believed that shilajit comes out of rocks and it is a "Sweat of Rocks", this theory is still very popular in old people.

Scientific View about Shilajit

Scientists say that shilajit is formed in the result of desomposition of mosses. Mosses are short lenght 1-1.5in herbs which grow on rocks  of high mountain and then bacteria decompose them. The material formed in the result of this decomposition sticks the the rock. This process continues for decades and decomposed mosses pile up into shilajit.

Extraction Processes

There are two methods to extract shilajeet one is to using fire and the other one is to use sunlight for the extraction of Shilajit. Shilajit extracted using fire is not good as this method reduces the number of minerals found in Shilajit. The extraction process using sunlight is lengthy but it is very safe as it gives the highest number of minerals in Shilajit at the end of the process so we use this method to extract the Shilajit.

Usage of Shilajit

Traditional uses of Shilajit

In the beginning we have a history of Shilajit when Shilajit was used for getting heat for the body. It was used in  the areas that are too much above sea level and their climate is cool so the people of These areas used Shilajit to get themselves warm. Another traditional use of Shilajit is to get rid of body pains because it gives heat to the body and also gives relief from the body pain.

Modern usage of Shilajit

In modern life Shilajit is now very popular due to its health benefits. Its a naturally occurring multivitamin with the highest amount of minerals found in one substance. Shilajit is very popular in people doing fitness trainings. People related to gym training and doing other exercises are well aware of the benefits of Shilajit so it is now very widely used by sportsmen in all over the world.

Shilajit for Brain

A study in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease noted that shilajit is traditionally used for longevity and to slow aging. The compounds in it may help control cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s.

Shilajit for Women

Selenium found in Shilajit is very important for women it is also an anti aging component. Its uses and some researchers are here in the following:

Moody Month states in a research study that selenium can promote healthy follicles in the ovaries, which develop and release the eggs. This antioxidant can also protect against birth defects and miscarriages caused by DNA damage. Women trying to conceive should not exceed more than 400mg of selenium a day.

Researches also show that selenium found in Shilajit neutralizes free radicals and other skin-damaging compounds before they can lead to wrinkles. It’s similar to vitamin E and actually works with the vitamin to safeguard cell membranes, the protective coating around cells. That makes selenium a key player when it comes to slowing the signs of aging. In fact, research has shown that it’s a triple treat, protecting against UV-induced cell damage, skin inflammation and pigmentation. Recent studies continue to emphasize the importance of selenium and other antioxidants on skin health and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Shilajit is the only naturally occurring substance that has the exact amount of selenium in it if used 300-400 mg of Shilajit daily.


  • 250 mg shilajit with raw milk empty stomach.

Shilajit for men

Infertility and Testosterone Level

Shilajit is very  well know for its sexual benifits for men and its cljnical studies also shown its benifits for male infertility.

In clinical study 60 men with infertility issues were given 500mg shilajit daily for a period of 90 days. It was seen that all of them got increase in their sperm count and sperm morality. Two main factors in male fertility are how many and how well the sperm move towards the egg. Both of them are well treated with shilajit.

Directions of Use


  • 250 mg shilajit mixed in 1 cup of warm Milk/Water/Tea after breakfast.

Male Infertility

  • 250 mg shilajit mixed in 1 cup of warm milk after breakfast.
  • 250 mg shilajit mixed in 1 cup of milk befor going to bed.
  • (For best results Must be used high quality Shilajit for consecutive 90 days.)

Erectile dysfunction

  • 500 mg shilajit mixed in one cup of milk 1 hour befor going to bed.